MFAL provides unbiased expert investigations regarding the establishment of the origin and cause of fire/explosion incidents.

MFAL fire investigation experts will demonstrate sound fire investigative skills and expertise coupled with decades of forensic fire and explosion investigative experience. MFAL expert reports are comprehensive, and will withstand rigorous scrutiny. Our unbiased, systematic, investigative approach, which includes hypothesis testing, will lead to accurate conclusions. Having attended thousands of fire events we offer reliable, unbiased examination results based upon facts.

MFAL utilizes state of the art technology including stereo microscopy, X-ray analysis, SEM, gas detection equipment, and thermal imaging to uncover the facts during investigation procedures; without destroying or overlooking critical evidence.

Our team has heavy equipment, HVAC, refrigeration, oil, natural gas, propane, boiler technician certification, and wood technology training (WETT).

MFAL investigates residential, industrial, agricultural, institutional, commercial, multi-residential, condominiums, boilers, HVAC, wood heat systems/chimneys, heavy equipment, electrical fires, motor vehicles, heavy equipment, factory/manufacturing equipment, chemical fires, and lightning strikes.

MFAL investigations are performed in accordance with NFPA-921-2014 Edition, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario.