Structural Failures

MFAL senior structural engineers have examined a wide range of failures over the past 27 years, including: barn collapses, retaining wall failures, boat house collapses, air support structure failures, wide spanned roof and building failures, agricultural collapses across Canada up to $10,000,000, fabric covered structure failures, “Quonset Style” building collapses, light and heavy gauge steel building failures, residential, commercial, farm, institutional, and industrial building failures.

Building Design Services

MFAL provides architectural, engineering drawings, building plans and specifications. We provide HVAC design and specifications.

MFAL’s structural design experts will provide expedient and cost effective design solutions to complex structural problems. Our extensive experience stems from years of providing construction/restoration plans including architectural design. MFAL is familiar with all aspects of General Contracting and Fire/Water/Wind/Smoke/Mold/Asbestos Remediation, MFAL experts are experienced and will provide reasonable, practical, and cost effective solutions to complex building problems.

Municipal Sewer / Water Line and Well Failures

MFAL can assess sewer, waterline and/or drain system failures. Camera exploration can be performed to pinpoint the precise reason for the failure.

Building Assessment & Repair Protocols

MFAL provides the following services:

  • Fire, Water, Wind, Smoke, Thermal Runaway, Mould, Asbestos, Lead, Lightning strikes, Building Impact Assessments
  • Tree impacts, vehicle impacts, truss repairs, rafter repair, roof repairs, open web steel joist repairs and flat and pitched roof repairs
  • Lighting strike damage evaluation including testing of branch circuits, protocols and certification of building electrical following lightning strike or excessive power surge
  • Building demolition including site assessment reports and protocols, Designated Substance Surveys (DSS)
  • Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Silica, Arsenic, Metals Contamination Remediation and Protocol
  • Biological Hazard Remediation including mold, radon gas and other hazards
  • Sewer Backup testing, protocols and clearance testing
  • Indoor air quality and bulk mold testing
  • Low VOC, testing for chemicals, metals, etc.
  • Water quality tests
  • Air quality and bulk sampling testing and monitoring

Our engineers will provide cost effective and practical solutions to repair a wide range of building damages with over 30 years’ experience in the building repair industry. Our experts have significant experience and expertise in all areas of construction/restoration/assessment/remediation and clearance testing.

Building / Property Assessment Reports

MFAL can provide assessment reports for residential and commercial, including:

  • Well/septic reports, and water quality reports
  • Hydrology assessment and reporting
  • MFAL provides building assessment reports for Insurers, Home Owners, Property Management Companies, Mortgage Lenders and Appraisers.
  • MFAL provides environmental assessment reports to identify site specific hazards including; lead, arsenic, silica, biological hazards, radon gas, mould, asbestos, chemicals, metals, and can provide Designated Substance Surveys (DSS)
  • Prior to demolishing structures a DSS assessment report, and protocol is required with most municipalities. MFAL provides demolition plans, DSS assessments and provides protocols which meet regulatory and municipality requirements.