MFAL can provide assessments regarding water damage claims, including:

  • Cause and Origin of the Damage
  • Water Source Determination
  • Saturation Levels
  • Moisture Migration Mapping
  • Protocols and Remediation for Water Damage and Speed Drying Restoration

MFAL’s water damage investigators/remediators will provide comprehensive reports to outline emergency drying requirements. Our experts will assess the level of damage, and can provide initial air/bulk sampling analysis. MFAL will prepare remediation procedures and separate old versus new damages, and provide protocols to return the site to a safe condition.

MFAL uses state of the art equipment in moisture detection; moisture measurement equipment for roofing, concrete, drywall, insulation, and wood. Thermal imaging and particle counters are also utilized when required. Pre-construction and post construction air quality and bulk tests can be performed to assist in determining correct remediation procedures.

Mold, Asbestos Testing and Protocols for Remediation

MFAL has years of experience performing mold, asbestos abatement and remediation.